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Temperature Controlled

To ensure every install is the best it can possibly be, the temperature needs to be right. PPF can become difficult to apply when too hot, as it sticks to quickly. On the other hand, if it's too cold, the PPF will struggle to stick at all! By controlling the temperature, we eliminate any possibility of this causing problems, leaving our customers with the results they want.

Garagestyle Flooring

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Heavy Duty Ramps

We can get just about every car up in the air and ready to work on thanks to our heavy duty ramps. Having a vehicle at the correct height to work on can make all the difference here for our installers. Once again, perfect installation and customer satisfaction is our priority. Oh, and we had to paint them Mint...



Our good friends over at Garagestyle have fully kitted out our workshop with their vented tiles and flooring. Not only does it leave the workshop looking fantastic, but it makes working on the cars so much easier! Drainage is not a problem with our purpose built wash bay thanks to the vented tiles. There really is no other option when it comes to flooring!

Head upstairs to the office and discuss what services you require for your vehicle. Why not sit back and relax with a coffee for a while, you know we could speak about cars all day...

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