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Motorcycle Protection

It's not just cars...

Often overlooked with motorcycles - but protection remains our priority. Why invest in something your not willing to look after properly! Explore our range of services below.

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Paint Protection Film

Just like the cars, we can offer a variety of Paint Protection options for your motorcycle. Partial Covers and Full Kits can be installed on any model. On top of this, we can create custom patterns to fit your desired areas. For example, panniers or those shiny carbon parts you've bought...


Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating can be applied to the entirety of your motorcycles bodywork. This will enhance gloss and offer a layer of protection from the roads. Cleaning has never been so easy, just take a jet wash to it and watch the dirt fall off! Ceramic Coating can also be installed over PPF for the ultimate protection.


Wheel & Calliper Coating

Why stop at your motorcycles bodywork when it comes to Ceramic Coating?  Protect your Wheels and Callipers from road debris and brake dust - keeping them looking as good as the day it left the showroom!


Plastic Coating

Don't leave it at bodywork. We can ensure just about everything is protected with our specialist Ceramic Coatings, designed just for plastics. A perfect solution for panniers. We know how hard it is getting those boots over...

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