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Additional Services

Explore a broad range of additional services we offer here at Mint Installs. Find the extra touch your vehicle has been searching for.

Leather Treatment


Allow us to restore your interior leather to it's previous glory whilst protecting it from dye transfer and other stains. Remind yourself of that new car smell again!

£150 + VAT

Fabric Roof Treatment


We let the footage do the talking. See our social media for some prime examples! Extreme Hydrophobic Properties and top quality protection. No longer worry about what you're parked under!

£150 + VAT

Glass Coating


Say goodbye to window wipers with our Professional Glass Coatings. Watch the water roll of your windscreen as the treatment repels all droplets along with any dirt that comes with it! Cleaning has never been so easy...

£150 + VAT

Wheel & Calliper Coating


It's not only painted panels that can be protected with Ceramic Coating - why not increase your vehicle's protection by covering your wheels and callipers. Avoid ruining alloys with brake dust and road debris.

£250 + VAT

Badge Removal & Replacement


Want to change some of the badges on your vehicle, but too worried about damaging paintwork? With over 20 years car care experience, our team will ensure you get what you're looking for.

£100 + VAT

Engine Bay Dressing


Clean, enhance and protect. Sometime's the final touch to bring your back to vehicle back to life isn't right in front of your eyes. It's under the bonnet.

£100 + VAT

Ozone Treatment

Untitled design (5).png

Kill 99.9% of bacteria in your vehicle with our Ozone Treatment. Perfect for eliminating ongoing odours or just giving your vehicle that well needed cleanse.

£100 + VAT
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